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Do you live in Plant City and need fertilization services? The Plant City area, like much of Florida, is no stranger to pests. We appreciate the fact that you love your homes and want to keep them looking beautiful… but we also understand that when pests attack your yard, you might need a little back up!

That’s where the experts at Pest Cartel come in! The Pest Cartel is a family owned and operated company that provides fertilization services for lawns, as well as shrubbery and the perimeter of your yard. Our main goal is to provide each and every client with the best service possible, so that you and your family can get back to enjoying your yard again!

Poof! Pests, Be Gone!

Here at Pest Cartel, we like to tackle your pest problem from all angles. While fertilizing your grass is important, it needs to be complimented with nicely fertilized shrubbery! Shrubs are constantly facing attacks from different pests and good fertilizer can provide shrubs with the nutrients they need to be able to fight off the diseases these pests can potentially spread.

Similarly to lawn fertilization, we can take a soil sample from the soil your shrubs are growing from to be able to determine the fertilizer we need to provide your shrubs with the nutrients they’re missing. This allows us to create a service plan that fits your specific needs.

Other Services We Offer in Plant City

Don’t worry Plant City, if fertilization services aren’t what you need, we also offer the following services in your area:

Let’s Collaborate on Your Yard Goals!

At Pest Cartel, we have a strong passion for breathing new life into our client’s homes and yards, which is how we were able to develop a wide variety of knowledge in this field. We want to turn your yard goals into a reality! We’ve got you covered with effective fertilization services in Plant City and the surrounding areas.

Get in touch with The Pest Cartel today at 863-225-2803 or get in touch with us here.