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No one enjoys worrying or asking questions like “what happens if…?” When it comes to termites, it’s hard not to worry about the state of your home or ask “what happens if I have termites,” or “what happens if termites come back?”

If you’ve battled termites before, then you know first hand that just because someone got rid of them for you doesn’t mean you stop worrying about them coming back.

Intro the termite bond. A termite bond is a warranty with a reputable termite company that serves as an agreement that this company is going to take care of your home if termites ever become a problem.


So how does a termite bond work?

Once a homeowner has entered into an agreement with a termite company, it’s understood that the company will provide routine inspections on an annual, quarterly, or whatever agreed upon schedule.

It also means if any termites are found during a routine inspection that the cost to terminate the problem is included in your bond, no extra costs required.

You can also choose to add to your bond the option that if any damage has been done by the discovered termites, that those damages be repaired as well.

With a termite bond you can have the peace of mind knowing that a pest control company is looking out for you and can stop termite infestations in their tracks.


Do I need a termite bond?

The answer is pretty simple. If you’re a homeowner it’s HIGHLY suggested that you have a termite bond. Not only does it keep you from worrying about your home, but it’s almost always helpful for most real estate transactions anymore.

If a buyer is interested in a home with termite problems, they are way more likely to purchase the home anyways if the owner has a termite bond. Likewise, most at-risk properties can’t be purchased without a bond. In fact, certain loans such as FHA and VA loans require that homes get a pest inspection. So having a termite bond can help homebuyers qualify for those low-cost mortgages.


How much does a termite bond cost?

It depends on the duration of the bond and what services have been included in the warranty. The average cost of an initial inspection for a residential home is around $700-$1000, although the price could be lower for simpler bond arrangements.

The yearly cost for the warranty on average is $300-$400 and often includes an annual inspection.


Interested in getting your own termite bond?

We’d love to share an agreement with you! At The Pest Cartel, we care about each and every home we inspect. We understand this is where your family lives and we want to make sure it’s a safe place for all of you.

Call today about setting up a termite bond with The Pest Cartel.