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The Pest Cartel is one of the leading pest control companies in Riverview and the surrounding areas for termite services. That means if you see a termite in Riverview, you’ll want to call the experts at Pest Cartel!

You probably don’t think much of it when you see a termite, maybe you think it’s just a bug or a nuisance. However, you really should be thinking about the millions of other termites you don’t see. You may not notice the damage at first because termites work at night and build shelter tubes during the day. They also bring fungi that decompose wood as they eat it so that their colony can survive.

Pest Cartel Will Terminate the Termites

Here in Florida, termites are inevitable. Chances are you or someone you know currently has termites eating away at their home. If left alone and untreated, termites can cost you thousands of dollars in damage, becoming a real nightmare for any homeowner. At Pest Cartel, we want to catch the problem before it worsens. What are the signs of a termite infestation, you might ask? Look for the following:

  • Look near windows, doors, vents and lighting fixtures for swarming termites
  • Termites shed their wings once they’ve found a new home. Look for dropped wings that are all similar in size.
  • Tunnels or mud tubs that are similar in width to a straw.
  • Termites eat wood from within so be on the look-out for hollow wood. Tap the wood with a screwdriver handle and listen for a hollow sound.
  • If you see wood colored droppings that are about the size of a grain of coarse sea salt, you may have termites.
  • Warped and blistered wood from termite activity below the surface.

Let Us Protect You With Termite Services!

Here at Pest Cartel, you already know that helping you solve your pest problems is our main priority. Our staff is here to help you find the right services for your specific needs.

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