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Protecting your home from termites starts before the structure of your home even exists. Taking the steps during construction to prevent termites can set your home up for success in avoiding termites for the future.

Termite treatments on new construction happen in two different phases: pre-construction and post-construction.


Pre-construction termite treatment

In order to ensure a termite-free construction, several measures must be taken before construction can truly begin. The most common method of pre-construction treatment happens before the concrete slab is ever poured, by treating the soil with insecticides.

Treating the soil with insecticides will supply a chemical barrier between the concrete slab and masonry with the soil. This will prevent pests from approaching the new construction.

It’s suggested to apply one gallon of chemical protection for every 10 square feet. However any soil area next to walls (interior and exterior), pipes, piers, and under “critical areas” it’s suggested that these areas are treated with 4 gallons per 10 linear feet per foot of depth.

Other methods of pre-construction termite treatments are baiting/ monitoring systems or borate treatments.


Post-construction termite treatment

Post-construction termite treatments occur once the construction has wrapped. First an inspection is conducted to check and see if there was any termite damage that happened during construction that needs to be repaired.

If the new structure is free of termites, then the post-construction treatment is performed to further prevent any termites from appearing in the future. Chemicals are once again applied to the soil, small holes are put in the walls in which chemicals are poured, anywhere wood makes contact with the soil is treated. If there are any cracks or voids within any masonry– chemical treatment is applied.

Beyond chemically treating the home, other safety measures are also practiced such as:

  • Getting rid of areas of moisture and cleaning “damp” areas more regularly.
  • Removing anything from the home that is wood and has sustained water damage or contact with water for some time.
  • Making sure there is no wood contact with the ground
  • Making sure your gutters and drainage lines are cleaned and undamaged to keep excess moisture away from the home.
  • Filling any cracks that become present
  • Don’t bury wood in your yard
  • And applying chemicals to any areas where termites have congregated (we can help with that!)


Move into your brand new home, termite free!

Undergoing pre and post-construction termite treatments are of the utmost importance for having a termite-free home. We want to help you be able to move into your new home without having to worry about a termite infestation.

If you’re undergoing a new construction for your home, call The Pest Cartel today to schedule your pre and post-construction termite treatments!